Light at the end of the tunnel?


My heart has been pretty stable lately so I took the plunge today and upped my walk on the treadmill to a run.  Whilst only a few minutes’ run, this is important to me for so many reasons:

1. My confidence, almost 4 years post #SCAD, is coming back.

2. It’s my first run for over a year, because although the first few months post heart attack I’d built up my running to 5k three times a week, palpitations forced me to stop, and I’ve felt like I’m going backwards. So does this mean there is light at the end of the tunnel?  Are my palpitations finally improving?

3. If I can get going again I might be able to shift the extra stone in weight I’m carrying.

4. It’s given me hope that I can run in the country lanes again this summer.  I’ve missed it.

5. I have something positive to focus on, upping the time spent on my feet each week.

6. It makes me feel ‘normal’.  Fellow #SCADSISTERS will know what I mean!

I’ll keep you posted on how I get on!


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