#wearitbeatit for The British Heart Foundation Friday 6 February

Please support the BHF on 6 February with their Wear It Beat It campaign for heart research.

DSCF1222 - Copy


In 2011 I experienced a spontaneous coronary artery dissection. This explanation is taken from the US SCAD website:

SCAD is a rare, sometimes fatal, traumatic condition with approximately eighty percent of cases affecting women. The coronary artery can suddenly develop a tear, causing blood to flow between the layers which forces them apart, potentially causing a blockage of blood flow through the artery and a resulting heart attack. The condition may be related to female hormone levels, as it is often seen in post-partum women, or in women during or very near menstruation, but not always. It is not uncommon for SCAD to occur in people in good physical shape and with no known prior history of heart related illness.  It is also not uncommon for SCAD to occur in people in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s, as well as older

The BHF is helping to fund some research with the University of Leicester into why SCAD happens and I’m hoping to be part of the study.

You can read more about it here:


Heart attack in women is not always recognised as we often present with different symptoms to the expected norm e.g. I had almost no pain, but I knew something was seriously wrong.   The more research that is done into SCAD, the more we can understand it and help the medical profession to recognise the symptoms.

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