A Walk Around My Garden: February

Taking a wander around the plot this week, you can really feel spring in the air.   There are daffs and tulips pushing through and a few clumps of snowdrops are showing their pretty little heads.

DSCF1196 - Copy

This hellebore has been flowering for weeks but the camellia is stubbornly refusing to come out of bud.



At this time of year, the lawn (aka scruffy patch of grass) is like a quagmire and it makes the whole garden look a bit of a mess.  In a funny way though, I can identify with the scruffiness as it’s a bit like me with my mad hair!   I’ve never been a tidy gardener.  I get excited about the plants, but not necessarily the way the garden looks.  I like to see plants crammed together and love seeing clematis clambering up whatever happens to get in its path.

The other thing about my garden is that it’s a haven for birds.  The pyracantha has been virtually destroyed by a happy household of sparrows, but I don’t have the heart to hard prune it and turf them out.  We have a copse of trees behind us, so regularly get visits from nuthatches, sparrowhawks, woodpeckers and long tailed tits as well as our live in families of blue tits, great tits, robins and wood pigeons.  Our blackbirds are wise to the fact that we are a soft touch and wait, not so patiently, on the shed roof for their morning treat of sultanas.

Next  month  I’ll have more to report on the plant front I hope!    I’ve acquired a couple of new plant books to keep me amused ’til then.

DSCF1192 - Copy

Happy  gardening!


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