Thank You For The Music

Choir in full voice in Midsomer North Meth Church - P1000299

I’ve been singing with The Chester Ladies’ Choir on and off since 1982 (I’ll leave you to do the maths).   I first joined because singing in the bath was just not enough, and there was no X Factor or karaoke in the eighties, otherwise I’d have been there like a shot!

These days, I’m there as much for the friends I’ve made along the way, as I am for the music.  We rehearse every Tuesday and spend a good time of that chatting!   I’m also on the committee, which is great, as you get involved with others on a different level when you work as a team.

We perform several times a year in concert.  It’s quite a buzz getting up on stage and having an audience respond to you positively.  We often sing for charities and it’s very rewarding to know you are helping someone out whilst having a great time yourself.

Our repertoire is pretty varied and includes contemporary music, songs from the shows and classics.  My current favourite is The Gypsy Song from Bizet’s Carmen and The Lord is My Shepherd arranged by Howard Goodall, which you would recognise as the theme tune to The Vicar Of Dibley.

We’ve also been known to go on tour! Our last trip away was to Bath where we performed at a concert with a local choir and had a fab weekend to boot!

To anyone thinking of joining a choir I say go for it!  If you live in Chester and are interested, have  a look at our website:


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