Emotional Eating

It really is no big secret as to why I’m overweight.  I eat. A lot. When I’m happy.  When I’m sad.  When I’m celebrating.  When I’m commiserating.  I know it’s destructive behaviour and that I should be at least a stone lighter, but somehow, I’m stuck in this same old pattern.  Four years ago after the shock of having a SCAD heart attack, I lost a stone in a matter of weeks.  I ate no chocolate, no cake, no crisps. In short, I was motivated with a capital M.  So why can’t I apply that same self discipline now?  I know what to do, I cook from scratch, I have plenty of time, I work out regularly and I’m really organised.


The crux of it is, I’m an emotional eater.  I often feel an emptiness which I interpret as hunger.  Today for example, my heart is playing up (I have an irregular beat since my SCAD with runs of premature atrial contractions.) I feel like it is turning over in my chest and I’m not happy about it!!  So what do I do?  I eat a biscuit.  As if that is going to make the slightest bit of difference (well not in the right direction at any rate).  I know it’s wrong, but I still go right ahead and do it anyway.

On Saturday, I was standing in the queue in John Lewis, thinking ‘green tea’ and when I got to the counter I said ‘decaff cappuccino’ and helped myself to a bar of Green & Blacks white chocolate while I was at it.  My heart said ‘you deserve a treat’ then minutes later, after I’d eaten it, my mind said ‘ you’re a failure!’

Part of me thinks ‘I may not live that long, let’s enjoy life and eat cake’.  The other part of me says ‘I’m really healthy, I won’t let this heart problem get me down’.  Today the cake lover is winning.  Maybe tomorrow the healthy me will come out to play again.  I hope so!!

2 thoughts on “Emotional Eating

  1. Good luck my dear! I really hope you will achieve your goal. It’s all in your hands, and you need to look after yourself. Cookie won’t make you healthy. it may make you happy for 10 seconds, but it will then make you unhappy for hours. Not worth it. Sending a lot of positive thought your way xxx

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