Winning Competitions

I started entering competitions just over two years ago when my heart was playing up, simply because it took my mind off it.  I really didn’t expect to win anything, but after six weeks of entering, I won a lovely lingerie set and from then I was hooked.

Courvoisier Prize
Courvoisier Prize

I’ve been quite successful, winning holidays, beauty products, theatre tickets, books and garden bits and bobs, so I thought I’d share some top tips:

  1. Don’t expect to win.  Just enter and forget about it.   See the ‘entering’ part as rewarding and fun.
  2. Use various entry methods.  I’ve been equally successful with Facebook, Twitter and online.  Not at all successful with postal so I don’t do it any more and just one win on Pinterest.  I never text or pay to enter.  I never do daily or click to win comps.  I do some rafflecopters but some have so many entry methods I get bored and don’t do them all.
  3. Use one source for your competitions so you can track what you’ve entered.  I use Money Saving Expert.
  4. Give back.  If I find a new competition I haven’t seen on MSE, I add it so that others can have a go too.
  5. Don’t think ‘I’ll never win a holiday’. Just have a go.  You have to be in it to win it.
  6. I have no ‘system’.  I just randomly enter competitions when I feel like it.  Just be aware you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet a prince.  So enter lots!
  7. I cherry pick things I’d love to win and generally ignore things like TVs, DVDs, computers etc.  as they don’t float my boat.  I enjoy entering comps for beauty products, books, theatre tickets, holidays, clothes and garden things.
  8. My dream prize would be a duck egg blue camper van for me to act out my hippie fantasy life!
  9. I accept that my inbox will be full of marketing emails  Some I read, some I don’t.
  10. I enjoy the challenge of competitions that require skill e.g. having to write something about a product.  Generally these are the most rewarding in terms of success,

I’ve made some great friends through comping and done things I would never have dreamed of.  I never know what will pop into my inbox or what the postie will bring, so life is never dull!  Thanks Angela for introducing me to this fun hobby.

If you would like to have a go yourself and see some of the competitions I enter, you are welcome to follow me on Twitter @flowerpowerlife


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