Codage No 01 Serum Review


I have mature, dry skin, so I was very pleased to win this serum to review from Look Fantastic.

From the Codage website description it sounded perfect for my skin.

SERUM N°01 is a powerful formula especially formulated to care for and comfort dry and dehydrated skin. Its extra rich composition provides the skin with intense nourishment, in depth and on the surface, making it softer, suppler and more resilient. Soothing active ingredients and a powerful blend of antioxidants help prevent sensitivity and redness, while strengthening the skin’s natural defences and improving its integrity. Skin is left soft and perfectly moisturized.

The first time I used it I thought I could detect a chemical smell, though strangely, I didn’t notice it again.  I also initially felt that it was a bit sticky but as I don’t often use a serum I assumed this was the norm.

The 5ml bottle lasted me a month and the results, I have to say, have been pretty good.  My skin was plumped and glowing and felt very soft to the touch.  My problem area is around the neck and to be honest, at 53, I’m not expecting a beauty product to make the slightest difference to the sagging, and this was no exception.

Would I use it again?  Yes.  I liked the results and that’s what matters.  If I could change anything, I’d like it to have a fragrance, as one of the things I enjoy about using beautiful products is the feeling of wellbeing you get from the scent.  I was craving a rose or neroli aromatherapy hit!









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