Am I Too Old For Glitter? Fifty Plus Style

If you read the ‘how to dress appropriately over 40’ style guides then I’m committing two cardinal sins here.


Number one is wearing a slogan tee.  Mine says ‘Tres Bon’.

Number two is wearing an item with glitter on it.

In fact, there’s a third rule I’ve broken.  I bought it in Sainsbury’s when shopping for washing powder.

So there we have it, a fashion failure!  The fact is, I love this tee.  It’s really soft and comfy and works for day or night.  It’s light and doesn’t crease so it packs really well.

At my age I’m told by the glossy mags that I should be ‘investment dressing’ ie buying cashmere pieces, and dresses from Jaeger, that will last more than one season.  I should be all navy and camel, definitely not pink and sparkly!  I should have a pared down wardrobe with a few carefully selected pieces to which I add ‘quality basics’ such as white tee shirts that cost forty quid a pop.

Hmmm.  Well firstly, I don’t have the cash for this type of wardrobe as I’d rather spend it on travelling.  Then of course, I have a charity shop habit that I couldn’t break even if I was on Karren Brady’s salary. Plus what’s the fun in having to walk past a bright pink hat with a big bobble on sale for £2.99 in M&S and not being able to snap it up?

So, in response to my rhetorical question: Who cares! I’m wearing it anyway!

PS Glossies.  Please don’t stop telling us how to dress! I love it!


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