Late Lunch? The New ‘Going Out’ Fifty Plus Style

Now, I don’t know about you, but now I’m into my fifties, late nights and drinking wine have lost their appeal somewhat.  However, I still like an occasion to dress up and have a good laugh with my friends. So let me introduce …..drumroll…. the late lunch.


I don’t know why I didn’t think of it earlier really, but for the last couple of years instead of going out early evening then waiting in a taxi queue in the freezing cold to get home late at night, we just go out in the afternoon!  The benefits are obvious.

  • You can wear something nice and not worry about dropping temperature.
  • Sometimes the sun actually shines and you can sit outside and people watch with a glass of rose in hand.
  • Mostly no need to book a restaurant as they are less busy in the day.
  • No VERY LOUD music.  Hearing’s not as good as it was so you don’t miss half of what’s going on
  • Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can combine lunch with a spot of shopping!
  • You can put your PJs on and watch TV when you get home.
  • Lunch menus often have some really good deals.
  • Younger family members will come along (if you want them to) as it doesn’t impact on their social life.
  • No going to bed on a full tummy!

What’s not to love?



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