Kick Start Fat Loss Week One Progress

Well I’m a week in and I’ve lost four pounds…not a bad result considering I gave into porridge cravings.   I’m happy with this, given that losing just one pound is normally an uphill struggle for me.


The things I’m enjoying are the veggies.  I’ve eaten loads this week of all different types and colours.  Cooking from scratch has been no problem as I’ve been doing this for a few years now.

I’ve found it really hard not to eat carbs – in fact, as you know I’ve given in and just done it anyway.  But, at least oats are complex carbs which keep your blood sugar stable.

Funnily enough I’ve not missed bread as I thought I would, although I did look longingly at Steve eating thickly buttered toast yesterday. He’s lost weight too!

The one issue I’ve experienced is tiredness.  I was dog tired yesterday despite going to bed really early all week to avoid the kitchen.

I’ve enjoyed the exercise classes although they were tough.  Made my usual zumba class feel a lot easier!

Premature atrial contractions have been not too bad this week, although my heart had a bit of a grumble at me after class on Thursday, so need to be careful not to overdo it.

So onwards and upwards into week two.  My motivation this week? Reducing my risk of type 2 diabetes, having better heart health and having loads more energy.  Oh and fitting nicely into the dress I’m wearing to a wedding on Friday.


4 thoughts on “Kick Start Fat Loss Week One Progress

  1. Well done on losing some weight. You also can’t beat regular exercise. It’s great to find a good local gym where you can go a couple of times a week. I’m thinking of going to the Easy Gym by me as they do a good monthly fee and no contract x

    1. Thanks – exercise is part of the KSFL programme I follow. I also have a gym membership and go swimming, plus do yoga and zumba classes. Just shows you have to keep active for the weight to come off.

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