Clean Eating Progress Week Three: It’s All Going Wrong

End of week three and I’m in a bit of bother.  After the euphoria of the wedding and concert last weekend, my energy levels have been rock bottom and today I’ve woken up full of cold.  The slippery slope started on Wednesday when, feeling tired, I succumbed to a piece of toast with jam and butter in M&S Café and it’s been downhill all the way since, eating two gingerbread wedding favours (yes, two), chocolate and cake.

So, this morning, not only do I have a cold, but my heart is misbehaving too.  The last couple of weeks my heart has been pretty stable, so I’m guessing it’s the sugar hit that’s causing the trouble.  At least it bears out the theory that I need to ditch the sugar.

So enough feeling sorry for myself, what am I going to do to get back on track?  Well, I have some cod for dinner tonight which I’ll have with roasted veg, and I have the ingredients to make some more of this slaw that I had earlier in the week. Wish me luck! I’m gonna need it to get my head in the right space again!


2 thoughts on “Clean Eating Progress Week Three: It’s All Going Wrong

  1. Are hun, you will soon get back on track. Just think positive, know that If I can drop my coffee addiction, from approximately 20 cups, with one teaspoon of sugar in each one, down to 3 cups a day. You will be back on track in no time at all. Sending hugs xx

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