I Think We Should Talk


The countdown to the summer holidays is on and I’ve been brushing up on my Spanish.  I dearly wish I’d studied Spanish to A level instead of French as I wouldn’t find myself embarrassed by my limited knowledge of the beautiful language of the country I visit several times a year. It’s not that I haven’t tried you understand.  I’ve been to adult education ‘Beginner’s Spanish’ and even ‘Level Two Spanish’, but still I find myself struggling to string a useful sentence together.  I guess it comes down to what I would like to say.  I’m no intrepid traveller.  I just like to go on holiday. A lot. I like to try new food and buy local products.  I also like trying new hotels – especially where crisp white sheets, fluffy towels and rainforest showers are involved.  So, you could say I want to get by socially and as a consumer. Here are some examples of phrases I’m likely to need:

May I try this on?

Do you have this in a smaller size? (Wishful thinking!)

I have a reservation

Would you call me a taxi please

I’d like to order some olives with my martini please.

Thank you, you’ve been so kind

The food was delicious

Are you on Twitter?

I don’t particularly want to say:

My grandmother’s name is Lucy

I have a cat and a dog

It is sunny today, or raining, or whatever.

The year is 2015

Bored with evening classes, I’ve picked up what I can as I go along, learning the odd word or phrase here and there, so I was very interested when EuroTalk asked me if I would like to try one of their courses.

EuroTalk is a language learning company which covers over 130 languages from all over the world.

Their language courses range from beginner to advanced and are available via apps, downloads and USBs.  I decided on a download as I like to learn from home, with my trusty notebook in hand.
You simply log on via the EuroTalk icon which you download onto your computer and choose a subject from the menu.  Subjects include shopping, emergencies and at the hotel, all of which are geared more towards the normal day to day things a traveller would need to know, rather than much of the stuff that you learn in adult education beginner Spanish lessons which can be very family, weather and home oriented.  There are options to listen, learn and speak to check your pronunciation.
I’ve spaced my learning over a few weeks and working at my own pace, feel I now have a few more phrases under my belt.
I was given the course for free in exchange for my honest opinion.  EuroTalk is offering my readers 20% off anything on their website.  Simply enter discount code FPL20 at the checkout.
I’ll let you know how I get on in real life very soon!

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