You’ve Always Got Your Head In A Book

That’s what people say to me when I’m on holiday.  No opportunity is allowed to slip through my fingers, from a wait at the airport, to the plane journey, to a sunbed, a lunch table, or a coach trip.  I am extremely unsociable!


I do read at home, but on holiday, away from distractions, I really do get so much more pleasure from it.  This picture shows me on P&O’s Ventura, waiting to disembark at Genoa, trying to squeeze in the last few minutes reading before we are called.  That’s pretty typical really.  Everyone else around me making conversation and me, well, I’m in my own little world.

I don’t have any electronic equipment for reading, not even a smart phone.  I own a laptop and that’s it, so I still have the pleasure of good old fashioned books and magazines (don’t get me started on mags, that’s a major compulsion – can’t walk past a display without picking one up).

So, what do I read?  Well pretty much anything except science fiction and horror (too wimpy now, although I read my fair share of Dennis Wheatley as a teenager). I enjoy chick lit (especially plucky girls moving to Cornwall and making a new life baking cakes etc.), serious stuff (Anthony Beevor for example), historical fiction (in particular Wars Of The Roses), contemporary fiction (love Kazuo Ishiguro) and, well anything in between.

If I spot a library or book swap in a hotel I’m there like a shot, seeing what I can cram in before I go home.

I don’t hang on to many books.  They make their way to the charity shop mostly.  The exception to this is books on food, travel and plants – my book shelves are stuffed with them.

What do you like?  Do you prefer a book or a kindle?


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