Maximising Growing Space: Vegetables in Pots

There’s very little sun in our garden, but the side of the house is bathed in sunshine for a good part of the day. so for the last few years I’ve been growing veg in pots.  Now, don’t laugh, I know it looks like a right old jumble that could give Steptoe and Son a run for their money, but based on previous years, it seems to work.


The compost is home made, and in the pots I have runner beans, cucumber, yellow courgettes, sweet peas and tomatoes.  Time will tell how they do.  I don’t have a greenhouse, so the beans, sweet peas and courgettes are sown direct, the tomato was donated by my sister and the cucumber bought at a church fair as a small plant.  Never grown a cucumber, so anyone’s guess what will happen.  Runner beans have always been a great success grown this way and I love it when I can pop outside the kitchen door and harvest them any day of the week in late summer.

Anyone else using pots for veg?


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