Wars Of The Roses: Stormbird Conn Iggulden


Not a summer goes by without a dip into another book about the Wars of the Roses.  This one is a little different to my usual read as it’s written by a man – cue less romance and a bit more blood, gore and technical detail about battle than I probably need to know.  However, what makes it interesting is that it charts the reign of Henry VI in detail, which is often overlooked, and to be honest it’s the first book I think I’ve read about Henry VI that doesn’t go on to cover the Edward IV and Richard III story.    I’ve never read any Conn Iggulden before and I’m interested now to read his Rome series – so more book shopping on the horizon.


2 thoughts on “Wars Of The Roses: Stormbird Conn Iggulden

  1. I was not very impressed by his Rome series, which seemed to be just one fight after another, and there was very little history in it. However, then he went on to write about Ghengis Khan and that was an excellent series. I couldn’t believe it was written by the same man. I don’t know how factual it was though. I haven’t read his War of the Roses series yet and since the main character, at least in the first book, is entirely fictitious, I may not. I prefer my historical novels fairly factual.

    1. This book has more fighting than I would like, but it did put a slant on the story that I’d not come across. Maybe I’ll try the Ghengis Khan series as I know nothing about this (yet!).

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