New Additions To My Clean Eating Kit

Recently I have two very happy additions to my kitchen kit and indeed to my eating clean resource pack.

I won this Froothie Optimum 600 Slow Juicer with Simply Sensational Food and so far I’m loving it.  It comes with a recipe book to get you started, although there is plenty of info on the internet, including Simply Sensational Food blog.  I was expecting this to be a really noisy beast, but no! It’s quiet and quite satisfying to operate – and very quick too.  This fits in really well with my clean eating plan and I hope to experiment with more ‘green’ juices as I go along and maybe even some superfood powders.


My second new toy is this fabulous Global Ni Oriental Cooks Knife which was sent to me by Steamer Trading Cookshop – one of my favourite shops in Chester incidentally, although you can shop online too.  The knife retails at £59.99 and is super sharp!  I’ve had a trusty Kitchen Devil knife for years and I never thought another would replace it in my affections, but this one is a perfect size and fit for me.  It’s so important for a knife to feel almost part of you when you’re working with it, and this doesn’t disappoint.  It cuts through fruit, veg, fish and steak like butter and I’m really pleased with it.  As part of my eat clean regime, there’s a lot of chopping and cutting of vegetables, so this is very welcome.

If you get chance to visit one of their stores, then do have a browse.  I know that when GBBO kicks off later this month, I’ll be in there buying some ‘must have’ gadget!



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