Thinking Of Joining A Choir?

Thinking of joining a choir?  Here’s what to expect:

Choir in full voice in Midsomer North Meth Church - P1000299

I sing with The Chester Ladies’ Choir and for anyone that loves to sing, it’s a fabulous group to be a part of.  Our new term starts next Tuesday 8th September and this is the ideal time to join.  In fact, if you would like to come along and see if it’s for you, you are welcome to come along to a practice for free as a ‘taster’ session.

We start with a few vocal warm ups led by our MD David Bebbington.  Then we usually work our way through two or three pieces of music in each session, each geared towards an upcoming concert.

A session lasts two hours (7:30 til 9:30 p.m. with a break for tea and chat!) and we meet at St Luke’s Huntington every Tuesday.

It costs £30 per term to be a member (three terms a year) which is just a couple of pounds a time for a great night out.

Whilst we do ask that you can hold a tune, you don’t have to be a fantastic singer.  The choir is a blend of voices and your singing will come on leaps and bounds as you progress through the weeks.  There is a short audition where David will ask you to sing a few scales (in private!)

We sing all sorts of music, from the Beatles to sacred pieces.  There’s something for everyone.

We’re a mix of ages from twenty something upwards.

We perform a few times a year at various venues, including Christmas and summer concerts at popular venues in Chester.

Fancy it?  You can email me on or tweet me @flowerpowerlife to let me know you are coming for a taster session.  Our website is here.  Why not take a look?


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