Holiday Heroes: Packing For Blissful Skin

As we were going on a no frills holiday, I decided to pack heavenly rose fragranced beauty products so that I had that feeling of being cossetted.


The Jo Malone Red Roses soap (in the box) is gentle on the skin and is much nicer to handle than the tiny slivers of hard packaged soap you get in hotels.

I chose Dr Organic Rose Otto shampoo, conditioner and body wash for bath time pampering so I had a real hit of rose!

For daytime facial moisturising I took my old favourite Clinique City Block SPF 40 – no way I’m getting sun on my face.  People used to laugh at me in my twenties for sunbathing with a towel over my face, but it’s paid off as I’m not really that wrinkled for my age!  My body doesn’t see the sun much either as I don’t sunbathe at all these days, so I use SPF50 on just the exposed bits (not pictured, but Nivea).

For night time facial care I took Rosehip Plus Australian cold pressed rosehip oil which, to save room in the case, also served as a heavy duty body moisturiser.  This is more dense than I normally use, but for sunny climates, I over compensate on the moisture to make up for water loss through heat.

The Cowshed hand lotion is small enough for my handbag and does double duty for feet.  This one is called ‘Cow Pat’ with grapefruit and lavender. Smells better than it sounds.

To tame my curls I took Dove Youthful Vitality BB cream.  Humidity levels were high so my very curly hair grew bigger and bigger as the week went on, but this tamed it enough to look reasonably tidy to go out.  I don’t bother with a hairdryer or brush on holiday and just leave my hair a curly mess.  I also took Philip Kingsley dry shampoo as my hair is better not washed every day, but because of the heat and humidity I felt compelled to wash it and only used dry shampoo once.

I had a tiny sample of Laura Mercier face polish which I used once, but don’t recommend as it stung my eyes.

Finally, I took a sparkling bath tablet from Kneipp which was sent to me as a gift from Graftons.  These are packed with essential oils and the scent of this one filled the bathroom with Eucalyptus – perfect for relaxing after a long walk.


I’m always interested to hear what other people take on holiday.  Any top tips?


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