Juniper Detoxifying Bath Treatment

Juniper (Juniperus communis) is my ‘go to’ essential oil for renewal. By this, I mean those times when you want to re-set the clock to zero and get your mind and body back on track.  The summer has been busy, with lots of lovely travel, but also, my heart palpitations have been causing me some anxiety, so getting some good news from the cardiologist last week has really perked me up and to some extent, I feel I’ve entered a new phase.

Today is the first day in a while I’ve had a day on my own, to cook, to garden, to read and just potter about, so I though I’d make myself a detoxifying juniper bath treatment.  If you want to try it you need:

  • One scoop of Dead Sea salts
  • Six drops of juniper essential oil

Just run a warm bath and dissolve the mixture.


Juniper has a detoxifying effect on the body (good for hangovers!) but also acts as a sedative so it’s perfect when you need some down time.  Most importantly for me, it has a reputation for cleansing on an emotional level which is just what I need.

This is an oil I often use in an oil burner in the bedroom to help me wind down.  It blends really well with frankincense.

A good tip if you have been spending time with someone you find emotionally draining, is to place a drop of juniper essential oil between your palms, rub hands together and pass them over your body.

You should not use juniper essential oil if you have problems with your kidneys or if you are pregnant.  I have a heart condition, so the recipe above is a fairly weak dilution, as are all my blends.

PS I bought my essential oil from Neal’s Yard. It cost around £13 – always buy good quality for therapeutic use.  The Dead Sea Salts were £3 from TKMaxx and the ceramic jar was 50p from a charity shop.

Anyone else like to make their own blends?


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