My Latest Win: Charlotte Olympia Heels

I just had to share my latest win with you because I’m so delighted to be the proud owner of a pair of Charlotte Olympia heels.


This was a competition with Manchester Confidential and Harvey Nicholls Manchester.  They really are beautiful shoes and the first pair of designer heels to be in my life!  I teetered across the living room in them yesterday and can confirm they are most definitely taxi shoes, but who cares!

I love unusual shoes and have quite a collection, including some great buys picked up in charity shops.  I’m not proud – if the shoe fits, and it’s beautiful, I’ll wear it.

As you know, I’m a competition lover, a hobby I started when I was poorly and with time on my hands.  Now, I’m so much better, and busier, but the comping bug is still alive and kicking.  I don’t have the time to enter quite as many these days, but can’t resist comps for holidays, fashion, beauty and foodie things.  It makes life interesting when the postman knocks with a parcel of goodies that you were not expecting.

Happy days.


4 thoughts on “My Latest Win: Charlotte Olympia Heels

  1. OH wow they’re incredible!! I think you should’ve posted a photo of you wearing them though… or a video of you tottering in them 😉
    Fabulous! I love competitions too… I’ve worn loads of amazing things 🙂
    Suzy x

  2. WOW they look totally awesome… though not sure I could walk in them, but hey who cares. Well done you!! xxx

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