Optimum PhytoDeluxe Skincare: Review


Optimum PhytoDeluxe is the latest skincare development from Superdrug.  Aimed at the over 40 market it has the look, feel and performance of a luxury product, but with a £14.99 price tag.  Superdrug kindly sent me both the day cream and night cream to trial, and I have to say I’m delighted with them.  They remind me very much of (dare I say it) a moisturiser I often buy from Clarins, which gives my credit card a battering every now and then.  Optimum PhytoDeluxe contains black diamond truffle which is rich in amino acids as well as platinum particles which help improve the synthesis of collagen (the stuff that holds our face together).  Synthesis is the term for making things happen in the body and as we age, this process of making collagen (which is a protein) becomes less effective, hence the sagging and wrinkles!  So anything which improves our ability to continue making enough collagen has got to be good.

I love this product and it is my new ‘go to’ for a number of reasons.

  1. It smells divine (I’m all over a great smelling product)
  2. Both the day and night cream are a good thick texture and feel really nourishing on the skin.
  3. The pump action dispenser avoids fingers in the pot.
  4. It looks pretty (has to be dressing table worthy to earn a place on my list)
  5. It’s a great price.
  6. As with all of Superdrug’s own brand products, it is certified as cruelty free.

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