Giving Up. Anyone Looking For A Frock?

Having tried so hard to get to a healthy weight and achieved just a couple of pounds weight loss, today I’m wondering why I’m bothering, and thinking I should just give up.  I’ve been feeling like this for a few days and yesterday did a sweep of my wardrobe and piled a whole load of dresses (one never worn) ready to take to the charity shop, accepting that I’m never going to get into them again. I don’t know why my motivation wavers so much, as I have really good health reasons for needing to get the weight off, but I really cannot get my act together.  Why is it so blimmin’ hard? Answers on a postcard please……..

PS anyone looking for an evening dress in size 10 or 12 ask me now, before I take them to the charity shop!  The one pictured is from Coast, size 10.  You’re welcome to it!queen elizabeth 2012 014


5 thoughts on “Giving Up. Anyone Looking For A Frock?

  1. Oh no! It can be hard to lose weight sometimes. I lost loads of weight a couple of years ago by cutting out all dairy, sugar, wheat and alcohol. It wasn’t easy but it worked!! I still avoid dairy and gluten (because I’m intolerant) but I do drink wine and have a little bit of sugar. I found the best thing is yoga. Have you tried it? It’s a shame to get rid of all your lovely dresses but maybe once you do, you’ll find the solution!! Good luck 🙂 xx

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