The Scent Of Christmas

Seeing as it’s Christmas I’ve treated myself to this beautiful candle from Molton Brown.  Their candles are the proper job: plenty of essential oils and a good burning time.  When you light it, the scent is pretty immediate and full on, no waiting for it to get going.

DSCN0202 (2)

I chose ‘Mesmerising Oudh Accord & Gold’ for a Christmas candle, as I wanted the house to smell exotic with a whiff of the Middle East.

It contains the following essential oils:

Cinnamon – very festive

Nutmeg – warming and reminds me of the kitchen in winter

Elemi – an incense like scent

Myrrh – it’s Christmas, so how appropriate!

Vetiver – a deeply relaxing oil, often used as a sedative

The combined effect is intoxicating and very potent.  I often make my own blends, but sometimes it’s nice to have someone do it for you!






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