Christmas Leftovers Minestrone

Today I’m defrosting the freezer and clearing the fridge in preparation for a food shop tomorrow. I wanted rid of the leftovers, so I made a big pan of minestrone which we’ve just had for lunch.  I have to say it tastes pretty damn good.


This is what went in:

Olive oil





Sweat all this lot together then add


Leftover honey roast ham

Swiss bouillon powder


Tub of home made tomato puree from our 2015 tomato crop

Tiny pasta shells

Boiling water from the kettle

Easy peasy!  Enough left for lunch tomorrow too.   I’ve never put sprouts in soup before so I was a bit dubious, but as I only cooked it until the pasta softened (about ten mins) it worked brilliantly.  No measurements as usual, I just chuck it all in and hope for the best.






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