Avene Eau Thermale Range For Ageing Skin: Review


I love to try new skin products and just lately I’ve been using this new range from Avene which has been formulated especially for ageing skin*.

I have delicate, fair skin with visible sagging around the chops.  It’s a family trait and not much I can do about it, but at the same time, keeping my skin in tip top condition means that, at 54, I have very few wrinkles and a good, even skin colour. I do my best with what I’ve got and don’t see ageing as a problem per se.  It’s just part of living and railing against it won’t change a thing.

Avene aims to challenge the notion that ageing skin is a problem, and urges us to consider it as normal (which if course it is!).  The thing we need to take into account, is that as we age, our skin has different needs and we should think about changing the products we use accordingly.

My skin is now dryer than it was, but I have increasingly frequent episodes of hot flushing, which make me feel hot and sweaty, but at the same time, are dehydrating my skin even further.

The Eau Thermale Physiolift Smoothing, Regenerating Night Balm  contains retinaldehyde which boosts the level of vitamin A in the skin.  It also contains hyaluronic acid, a water holding molecule which acts as a cushioning agent and space filler in the skin, resulting in a plumping action.  To help minimise wrinkles, it contains a compound called ‘ascofilline’ which has been developed by Avene in order to boost collagen production.

I’ve also been using Physiolift Eyes which has the same plumping action, minimising under eye bagging.

The third product is Avene Thermal Spring Water which is fantastic for keeping in your handbag for when a hot flush strikes! It is naturally filtered water and has a gentle, cooling action.  I’ll definitely be packing this in my holiday luggage!

So, does it work? Well, my skin feels great and looks good, so apart from the saggy chops (which will never go away) then I’m very happy with it.  This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago, so you can judge for yourself.   PS I did have a bit of a tan as I’d just been to Tenerife for a week.

DSCN0209 (5)

*This product was gifted to me



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