A Healthy Start To January

I’m not doing New Year resolutions this year, but I am making a few healthy tweaks here and there, with the intent to build them, brick by brick into a better lifestyle.


One week in and this is how I’ve done:

  • I bought The Times on Saturday then sat and read it properly, with a cuppa and no TV in the background and no multi-tasking.  Intention: to relax without gadgets.
  • I snacked on Medjool dates instead of chocolate. Intention: healthier snacking and trying new foods, inspired by Ella Woodward.
  • I tweaked my blog, my Facebook page and my Twitter name.  Intention: to be a better blogger, inspired by A Cornish Mum @stevie_couch
  • I practised yoga at home every day (on top of my usual yoga class). Intention: to deepen my practice.
  • I did a NIA class.  This is a mix of dance, yoga and martial arts which I have not done in about 12 months.  Intention: to switch up my aerobic routine.
  • I used my new phone to record choir practice.  Intention: to learn my words before it becomes critical.
  • I ate sitting at the table, with no TV or magazine.  Intention: to give my food my full attention, inspired my Amelia Freer.
  • I Kondoed my sock drawer, my t-shirts, my workout gear and my linen cupboard.  Very satisfying.  Inspired by an article in the Times about Marie Kondo, the newest ‘thing’ which to you and me is otherwise known as tidying. Intention: to create order and calm.
  • I swapped at least one cup of tea per day for green tea, and ordered green tea instead of cappuccino after my dance class.
  • I drank no alcohol.  Intention: Don’t need it, so why have empty calories?

Not a bad start.  How’s everyone else doing?


6 thoughts on “A Healthy Start To January

  1. Sounds like an amazing start! Well done. Our children didn’t go back to school until Wednesday but I’ve managed to tick off lots of jobs from my work list since then as well as taken our dog for a long walk today. Gradually reduced the snacking but despite good intentions, it’s much harder than I thought it would be!

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