Planning Our New York Trip


Have I mentioned that my friend Linda and I are going to NYC in a few weeks? Yes, I thought so!  More than once.  Well today, we had to pay the balance so now it feels like it’s really happening.  We have a few ideas on what to do, but I’d welcome any suggestions from your own ‘must do’ lists.  This is our plan:

  • We’ve bought a City Pass plus a Hop On Hop Off three day bus pass.
  • On our must see list is: Empire State, Grand Central, Brooklyn Bridge, 911 Memorial and museum, Central Park, Battery (for Statue of Liberty), Times Square, Little Italy.
  • On our shopping list is: Macy’s, Bergdorf Goodman, Century 21. Tiffany.
  • On our food and drink list is: bagels, pretzels, pastrami, a visit to the Oyster Bar at Grand Central, cocktails on the roof of our hotel which looks out onto the Empire State, a burger at the Grey Dog Saloon, cannoli at Ferrari’s.
  • We’ve booked to see Chicago on Broadway.

So ideas please ladies and gentlemen, we have four days to fill.

Christine x


8 thoughts on “Planning Our New York Trip

  1. I would say Ellis Island is a must do. St Patrick’s Cathedral is also worth a look if you’re passing. Have a wonderful trip!

  2. Do the hop on off in stages as in sections to your starting point
    It gives you a feel to spend more time later on at some point
    Sounds silly but loos are hard to find so look for Macdonalds unless a fancy restaurant even some Starbucks did not have ones
    We in the centre and could not find a bookstore
    Walk and walk great sidewalk lunch stalls
    Find an Irish pub then enjoy food
    Lots of quality stores around and sales
    Bring earplugs 😀🎸🍷
    NewYorkers are loud in places they think normal
    Just way they talk

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