Fell Off The Wagon: Wet January

After 19 days of sobriety, I fell off the wagon yesterday and had two whole drinks!! A glass of wine, followed by a glass of port, and a jumbo bag of Skinny Popcorn, just to cap off the failure in style!



I don’t know what prompted this fall from grace.  Last week was stressful, but this week is less so.  Both Steve and I were in a good mood, thinking about our holidays, and searching the internet for a short break.  Some little demon whispered in my ear ‘why not?’ and I thought indeed ‘why not?’.  So that was that.  The deed was done.

The popcorn was a truly unnecessary addition, but I was in the mood to be naughty, so it seemed appropriate.

The outcome, after even just a couple of drinks, was to be woken up by palpitations.  A timely reminder that with a dicky ticker, I really should not drink.  But hey, I wanted to join in the fun!

Anyhow, back on the wagon now.  One swallow does not make a summer and all that.

How’s everyone else getting on?




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