Chester Unlocked: Deva Codex


Today we’ve been unravelling the mystery of the Deva Codex Cat Quest in our home city of Chester.  This is a fun treasure hunt which takes you to many of Chester’s hidden historical places, giving you an insight into what really happened in the city in days gone by.

It starts in Pierpoint Lane and ends at the Northgate, but that’s all I’m going to tell you because there’s another week to go before the quest closes its doors on January 31st and I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you!

If you manage to crack the code, there is a £300 prize up for grabs which you can spend in Chester’s many shops. Of course, I hope I win, but we saw a few other treasure hunters on our tail, so who knows!

As all intrepid treasure hunters know, you need sustenance, so we started with brunch at The Three Kings Studios and finished with a cuppa at Tea On The Wall.

Have a look at some of the sights!  Anyone else cracked the code?






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