Hotel RIU Nautilus Torremolinos: Review

If you’re looking for some winter sunshine, but are not fussed about whether you can get into your cossie, then Torremolinos is a great place for a January break.  The weather is a bit variable and last week we had a mix of hot and sunny, plus a couple of overcast days.  Perfect for strolling about, eating out, reading and relaxing.  We stayed at the four star RIU Nautilus which is a very comfortable base.


The hotel is modern in style and the rooms are pretty good.


Great bathrooms too


The food was spot on, especially if you like to stay on track and eat healthily. Great choice of fruit and vegetables.

We were half board, but there’s no shortage of great places to eat.  Larry’s Chiringuito is our favourite for great fish.


Now to the downsides:

Unless you speak fluent Spanish, or like BBC World News, then the swish wall mounted TV is a waste of space. Shame because I do enjoy a bit of late night TV when staying in a nice hotel.

The Wi-Fi s not worth bothering with either, as you only have one hour per day which must be taken in one session.  Prehistoric by today’s standards.

As you would expect for a winter sun break, the hotel entertainment is geared towards the seventy plus market.  Nothing wrong with that, it’s just not to our taste.

Luckily the last three things are easily sorted.  We can do without TV.  Most bars and cafes around the hotel offer free Wi-Fi so that’s easy.  Finally, no need to stay in the hotel at night as you can pop across the road to The Full House for some conversation, a cheeky drink, access to the internet and even a cup of PG if you so desire!

DSCN0373 (2)

I would definitely stay at the Nautilus again.  It’s a really comfortable hotel.  Crazy that it has ultra modern décor with ultra old fashioned technology, but you can’t have everything as they say!







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