I May Not Be Skinny But I’m Strong

As regular readers of my blog will know, I struggle to lose those pounds or even maintain my weight.  Despite healthy eating and exercise, that needle on the scales will just not budge! Well, except in the wrong direction! However, I’ll say one thing.  I am strong! I’m sturdy as an ox and super flexible thanks to yoga, dance classes and walking. I also feel fantastically healthy, so you can’t knock that, can you. Periodically I just say ‘stuff it’ and think I’m going to have that cake, chocolate or glass of wine, but mostly I stick to loads of veg, fruit, protein and healthy carbs. At almost 55 I wonder whether this will ever change.  Will some miracle happen post menopause that kicks in my skinny gene? Will I suddenly learn not to be so hungry? Who knows.  I guess I just have to be accepting of the fact that I’m not only alive and kicking, but feeling great

Christine x



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