Mini Break Anyone?

I love everything about a mini break, from the planning, the packing, the experience, and then blogging about it afterwards.

With only five weeks to go until my New York mini break, I’ve started thinking about getting the most out of my packing, deciding what to take that won’t weigh me down (and more importantly, leave room for that all important shopping!).


When TENA Lady* asked me about my top tips for a weekend break, I was onto it straight away!

Here are some of my must have products for a few days away:

Shampoo and conditioner: I have mad curly hair, so never rely on hotel freebies as they can result in a frizzy mess.

Body lotion: I never skimp on this and hate the nasty stuff you often get in hotels, although to be fair, I’ve been to some fabulous hotels in the UK where the products are amazing.

Solid foundation compact: I like a ‘made up’ look in the evening, although I rarely bother with make up in the day.  This solid foundation travels well and can be kept in your bag for touch ups.

Clinique City Block: I always take a good SPF moisturiser and this one is a firm favourite.

Clinique minis: Saved from bonus packs, these are perfect for travel.

Make up palette: Saves room but still gives you lots of options.

I may well indulge in some make up or skincare in NYC as I love to try something new, so I’ll let you know about my finds!

*TENA Lady is the UK’s number one female bladder weakness brand. Their recent survey into bladder weakness found up to half of all British women (47 per cent) have experienced bladder weakness, meaning it’s likely to have affected quite a few of us.

Why not take a look at the TENA website for more information and free product samples:


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