Cordoba has been on my travel bucket list for ages, and finally, this month, we made it!  The reason it has taken so long is that it’s a bit tricky to get to as there are no direct flights, but as we were staying in Malaga for a few days, we decided to go for it.  The fast train from Malaga Maria Zambrano takes just an hour, travelling at speeds up to 300km per hour.  It cost £98 return for both of us (off peak) via the Renfe website which we bought in advance to save money.  The station in Cordoba is around 25 min walk (or ten minutes in a taxi for 7 euros) to get into the old town.  We got a taxi in, and walked back to the station via the park which was lovely.


So why was it on my wish list? The fabulous cathedral of course, which has over many years existed as both a mosque and the Christian cathedral it is today, where a daily service still takes place, and has done since the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella.


Steve was not impressed that we had to queue to get into ‘another church’ but was blown away when he got inside (a bit like he was when I got him in the Blue Mosque in Istanbul).


The air in the cathedral is heavy with frankincense (which incidentally contrasts beautifully with the neroli from the orange blossom in the courtyard outside, just coming into bloom).  Top tip: if you are visiting in summer, take a cardi as  it’s cool inside and you will spend ages in there.


The old town is really pretty with lots of inviting tapas bars to try.  You can also walk across the bridge to view the walled city from a distance.  I’d like to come back and stay for a couple of days next time.



24 thoughts on “Cordoba

  1. I’m originally from Granada and I love Cordoba. Well, I don’t recommend visiting on summer, it’s too warm! But it’s a magic place x

  2. Like others commenting on this post I’ve never heard of Córdoba before! It seems like such a tranquil place and perfect for a short getaway! The cathedral looks amazing and the fact it’s a mosque and a Christian cathedral really warms my heart in a sense that people can be so opposed to other religions but this building is used for both faiths.

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