Weight Watchers: Week One


I’m sure you’re used to me by now, with my latest plans to lose weight, get fit and generally morph into a Celtic Goddess in time for my summer holidays. It’s been my goal for thirty odd years now, some years executed more successfully than others.  Well you’ll be pleased to know that nothing has changed this year except that it’s the same objective, new strategy. Age has not diminished my desire to be size 10, run a 10k, be like Elle Macpherson etc.  If you ignore the fact that I’m only 5ft 3 with a tendency to run to fat and a dicky ticker, this should be no problem right?

I thought so too. So full of enthusiasm, determination and a ‘sisters are doing it for themselves’ attitude, I joined Weight Watchers and signed up for a month. The teacher is lovely, and nodded encouragingly when I said ‘I’m doing this for me because I’m worth it’ like she hadn’t already heard that line a thousand times.

WW is not just counting calories, instead, you count points which are geared towards making healthy choices. You are given loads of literature to help you and most importantly you are weighed every week, so you are accountable.

Now, obviously I’m not going to tell you how much I weigh: a lady has to have some secrets, but I’ll keep you posted with how I get on!



6 thoughts on “Weight Watchers: Week One

  1. I love Weight Watchers. I lost over 100 lbs with it combined with exercising. (Granted I gained it all back but that was my own dumb fault) It’s an awesome program and I hope you love it. I totally would be back on it if I could afford it. It is very worth it! I look forward to seeing your progress. Keep up the positive attitude! 🙂

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