The Garden Project


I’ve been admiring circular lawns on pinterest for a while so this weekend I thought I’d have a go.  After measuring eight foot across, Steve and I dug out the circle and patched up the holes made by treading on the lawn over the winter, while it was still a quagmire.

I’m thinking I may have a runner bean wigwam in the front left corner, but I’m not sure yet what else to plant.  Definitely medicinal plants and herbs and maybe some other veg.

It’s not shown in the photo, but we also laid a connecting path leading to the bottom garden.  The effect I’m trying to achieve is a working kitchen garden at the top and a quiet place for reflection at the bottom where I have planted roses and jasmine.

First and foremost though, this is a nature garden, so it will never be over manicured, things will be allowed to set seed, and there are lots of trees and shrubs for our resident birds.

Christine x


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