Day One in New York

The long awaited girls only adventure to New York City started with a very early start at Manchester airport ready for our 9:30 a.m. United Airlines flight to Newark.  Despite the fact it was only 6:30 a.m. when we arrived, we managed to fit in a bit of shopping and our only healthy breakfast of the entire trip.

The flight wasn’t too bumpy, just excruciatingly boring as the TV screens didn’t work and the food was no distraction either as it was inedible (literally).  On arrival at Newark some seven hours later we were met with long queues for immigration then more queuing for the shuttle bus (joy!). Finally though, our taxi arrived and we were on our way through the Lincoln Tunnel and onto Manhatten Island.


Our hotel, the Metro, is a comfortable four star in the art deco style, on 35th.  The room was big: two doubles and a spacious bathroom on the third floor. No tea or coffee facilities in the room but free tea and coffee 24 hours a day in the breakfast room, plus free wine tasting and canapes between 5 and 6:30 p.m. (from here on referred to a wine o clock).  How very civilised and it would have been rude not to partake.

Bags dumped, we headed off out to make the most of the afternoon, starting with Times Square.  Having been incarcerated on a flight all day we had no idea that Prince had died until we saw the billboards (but every TV station was full of it for the next few days, so it’s fair to say we had the full insight into the situation by the end of the trip).


We wandered up towards Central Park and saw quite a few characters along the way, including ladies painted in the American flag, wearing nothing but a thong, (no pictures sorry) and an elderly man on roller skates, wearing a bikini.


Central Park was looking beautiful with lots of cherry blossom.  We did have to run the gauntlet to avoid cab drivers offering a horse and carriage ride (cost varied between $20 and $60).

Next stop was Tiffany to see what we couldn’t afford, then back to our hotel for a rest.  I’d like to be telling you about the dinner and drinks we had, but we were far too tired for anything except wine o clock, shower, trash TV and bed.

Day two to follow.





2 thoughts on “Day One in New York

  1. I await the next ‘Tales of the Girls on the Loose’ in the Big Bad Apple.
    We did not have any sightings on folks dressed as such 🙂 Free Wine… oh that sounds excellent. Actually the carriage ride tour price sounds reasonable, a way to relax ..

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