Girls In New York: Day Two

As predicted, we were wide awake at 5:30 a.m. which is the inevitable outcome of being asleep before 9 p.m.  We were at breakfast by six, only to find we were not the only insomniacs in the hotel.  Our breakfast of choice was muffins, cranberry, lemon, chocolate chip, red velvet, you name it, we’d tried the lot by the end of our stay.

We hopped on the hop on hop off bus at the Empire State, just a block away from our hotel, and hopped off again at City Hall, just a short walk from the 911 memorial.  Much has been written about this, so I won’t add anything, other than to say it is very moving.


After an excellent coffee in a scruffy café selling nothing but pizza (looked great but even we can’t do pizza before 10 a.m.) it was time for our much anticipated visit to Century 21.  We must have spent two hours in there and ended up with quite an impressive haul.


It was such a glorious day we decided to join the crowds and walk across  the Brooklyn Bridge to get our first view of the Statue Of Liberty.  It’s a great way to look back on the NYC skyline.


Then it was back on the bus for a downtown tour, culminating in a visit to the Empire State for a view of the city from above.


Right next to our hotel is a great bar/restaurant, Liberty’s, where they do a delicious New York strip steak with truffle butter. We ordered Moscow Mules and tucked in.  Feeling rather squiffy, we then took our drinks up to the rooftop of the Metro for a fab view of the Empire State all lit up for the night.


We actually managed to stay up a bit later too!

More to follow



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