Girls In New York: Day Three

Today was a designated Downtown shopping day, starting with the HoHo to Canal Street.  I’m not a fan of the Canal Street area and didn’t much like being approached by one after another ladies whispering ‘Chanel? Gucci? Mulberry?’.  If I’m having a handbag, then it has to be either the real thing, or an obvious cheapie.  I just don’t get the designer rip off thing.


We were strictly forbidden by Steve to wander around China Town as when the two of us were there a couple of years ago, we did get some dodgy druggy vibes, but Linda and I couldn’t  resist taking a look at some of the colourful market stalls piled with fruit and veg.  It was before 9 a.m. so all was calm and the vibe was good.

Right across from China Town is Little Italy and our primary destination was Ferrara’s Bakery for coffee and cake, followed by a mooch around the Christmas shop where Linda bought a personal tree decoration for grandson Elliott.


We then walked the length of Broadway as far as Washington Square Park, crossing onto Fifth and wandering all the way back to our hotel, stopping in virtually every fashion store and stationery supply shop along the way (including a Reiss sample sale which was very popular with the locals). DSCN0590.JPG

Exhausted by early afternoon we took the weight off our feet with an Uptown bus tour, skirting Central Park and taking in Harlem and the Museum District.


That night we popped across the road to the excellent Brendan’s Bar and Grill which has the most elegant interior and top notch food.  Then it was back up to the rooftop bar for drinks.


More to follow…


4 thoughts on “Girls In New York: Day Three

  1. Sounds exhausting to me
    Mind you we went to Macy’s one afternoon and it was a total zoo
    Turned out it was a semiannual sale😳
    Sitting in my car to go in mall and get stuff for Mother’s Day
    Saw your post
    Yes always someone wanting to sell you something doggy

  2. Looks like a lovely trip! You’re gonna have amazing leg muscles after all that walking haha xD I was also in New York about 2 years ago, it’s such a cool city! ❤

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