And All That Jazz: New York Day Four


We spent a contented  hour in the morning at Bryant Park which was simply glorious in the sunshine.  Having walked a fair bit already along Fifth (we’d popped into Grand Central to admire the ceiling) we had a bit of an appetite, so indulged in waffles while we watched the world go by.DSCN0665

The shops opened at 11, so it was a full on shop in Macy’s (we bought some really good quality cotton tops) followed by lunch in Planet Hollywood in Times Square.  Unless you are a big eater, I don’t recommend this place as the plates of food were huge and could have fed at least three people.  I left most of mine on the plate, not because I didn’t like it, but it was just too much to handle in one sitting.

Today was a big tick for the bucket list as we went to a Broadway show!  Chicago was huge fun.  We had seats right near the front, so didn’t miss a thing.  Roxy and Velma (and of course Mama) were on top form and I just loved the cast’s rendition of ‘he had it coming’ which made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. The Bob Fosse moves were just so polished, it was a delight to watch.


After the theatre it was time for another highlight: the night tour on the HoHo.  This starts in Times Square and takes you downtown and across the Manhattan Bridge to Brooklyn from where we had an amazing view of the city skyline.  Everyone was snapping away with their phones, but I know from experience that for my little camera, it would be a waste of time, so I committed it to memory and bought a postcard instead.

So, apart from a final couple of hours in the shops before pick up next day, that was New York done and dusted! We were exhausted but happy and ready to plan the next trip!






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