NYC: Shopping Haul

Here are some (but not all) of the things I bought on my shopping trip to New York.DSCF2743

Let’s start with this butter soft leather rucksack from Corsia which I got in Century 21. It kind of goes against the grain to buy a utility bag in such a delicate fabric and a pale colour, but once I’d touched it and sniffed in the leather scent, I knew it had to be mine.  I walked around with it in my basket for a good hour before I took the plunge and went to the till.  I wasn’t cheap, but I can’t divulge the cost as my husband reads this blog!  Now I’ve got it home, I love, love, love it and hope it will last me a long time.

Next up: Books.   I do love a list, and I do love a project, so a book that combines both really appeals to the geeky organiser in me.  The 52 Week Project is a place to record ideas, inspiration and plans. I’m going to have lots of fun with this book! I bought it at Urban Outfitters, which incidentally is a fabulous shop: I wish they had one in Chester.

The next book is Spark Joy by Marie Kondo.  My interest has been piqued for the Kon Mari method as I’ve read about it in all the glossies this year, so I picked up this copy for a fun read.  I have to admit, some of it is absolute garbage, but a lot makes sense and I whizzed through it in a few days, enjoying the eccentricity and the inspiration to sort out my stuff.


This is the result of my first visit to Sephora (and hopefully not my last).  There is so much stuff to choose from in this place and it’s hard to know where to start.  Having dedicated product testing areas is a great idea and you are really encouraged to try before you buy.  I bought my usual Clinique City Block, a new foundation and this really handy foundation brush.

I bought a few clothes in Macy’s and Century 21 too, which I plan to include in an upcoming blog post.


Christine x



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