May Favourites

Just a few things that I enjoyed in May.


I’m a sucker for a luxury scented product and these three fit the bill beautifully.


I read this on holiday.  It’s a gentle and thought provoking read, all the more interesting because it’s based on a true story.


I also enjoyed this book.  It’s a page turner and kept me guessing (and getting it wrong) right to the end.  Some of it makes for uncomfortable reading, so not for the squeamish.


This fallen horse chestnut blossom looks just like confetti left behind after a wedding.  So pretty, it had to be included in my favourites.


The hawthorn is out all along the cycle path from Hoole to Guilden Sutton.  We’ve enjoyed walking up there and stopping for tea and cake at the farm shop.


Cow parsley is popping up everywhere.  It reminds me of a line in a poem I heard somewhere ‘where the cow parsley skirts the hawthorn hedge’.  Very appropriate for this month.


Chives are popping up in the kitchen garden.


The ceonothus has been a glorious blue.


I visited the gardens at Bridgemere on a rainy bank holiday, but despite getting wet we had a good time and came home with a few plants.


I was inspired by this super organised veg plot at Bridgemere.


Finally, I was left in charge of a friend’s chickens for a few days so enlisted a little helper and his nana to round them up!  Not easy I can tell you!



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