Summer Crafting: Pom Poms!

Remember when I said before my holiday that I was having a bit of a pom pom obsession?  Well this basket is the result.


I really wanted one of those embellished bags that you see everywhere in the Balearics, but they cost upwards of £30 and I didn’t have the cash to spare.  Also, pom poms are everywhere on the high street, but even a simple kaftan was coming in with a hefty pricetag.  Didn’t stop me wanting one though!

Not one to miss out on a trend, and of course inspired by Sewing Bee, I took matters into my own hands and bought these strips of pom pom edging in a haberdashery shop in the UK and stashed them in my luggage along with a needle and thread.


On the first day of our holiday I hopped across to Eroski supermarket and bought a straw basket for under 10 euros.  I spent the first afternoon of the holiday by the pool, glass of Rosado in hand, sewing pom poms onto my bag.  I expect people thought I was mad.

Anyway, a couple of days in, we found ourselves in an artisan shop in Alcudia old town.  It was full of handmade wooden dangly things with sea glass beads attached.  Not sure what you were meant to do with them, but I bought one and it was just the ticket for embellishing my bag.

Total cost about £15 and seems sturdy enough to last me all summer (or until I get bored with pom poms and am lusting after something equally as daft!).

PS I bought the butterfly wrap at the side of the road in Costa Rica a few years back. I just love the colours and take it instead of a towel for sitting on the beach.

Christine x



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