Muro Nature Reserve Mallorca


Although we’ve been visiting Alcudia in June for years, the weather is normally too hot to do much serious walking.  However, this year, a cloudy day combined with some navigation difficulties (ie not checking the map before we set out for a walk) led us to the nature reserve at Muro.  I’m so glad we came across it.  Last time we visited, a few years back, we had hired cycles and spent more time trying not to get run over on the main road than we did appreciating the scenery, so this visit was a treat.


For nature lovers there is some seriously pretty plant life.  I loved this sea holly (above)which looks much better in this habitat than the one in my cottage garden looks at home. I’ve added some pics of a few other plants, although don’t know what they are.




The boardwalk also offers some fantastic views across the Bay of Alcudia.


Well worth a visit if you get the chance.  Can anyone identify the other plants?


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