Walking: Bulkeley Hill Wood, Cheshire

I’m making more of a concerted effort to get into walking lately and luckily, have friends who live in Burwardsley, Cheshire and who know and love the surrounding area.


A few days ago we set off from the Candle Factory in Burwardsley,  heading along a circulatory route which took in Bulkeley Hill Wood with its fabulous views across the Cheshire countryside.


The route crosses farm land, as well as woodland, and is part of the Peckforton Hill range on the Sandstone trail.

It’s not too hilly, although there are one or two places where you need to keep your eyes on the ground because of tree roots.


The woodland is absolutely stunning!

As you reach Burwardsley, there is this beautiful cottage garden which has immaculately manicured trees.  It did give me a bit of garden envy.


We popped into Burwardsley Parish Church on the way back as the graveyard has lots of Steve’s family name ‘Dodd’ which was very common in the Cheshire farming community.


Our final pitstop was the Candle Factory.  Great views and a nice cuppa.  What more could you want!





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