Ness Gardens

I visited Ness Gardens for the first time this summer. Ness is on the Wirral and the gardens offer fantastic views over the Dee Estuary.


My interest though, lies in the planting. I love to visit gardens to get inspiration and to earmark more plants to squeeze into my tiny plot.  Here are some of the gems I found.


This eryngium is one of my favourite coastal plants – I saw it growing wild in Mallorca, but don’t think it looks out of place in a summer border.  I have mine at home planted next to verbena bonariensis as both are architecturally interesting and work well together.


I don’t have an echinops in my garden, but I think it’s time to acquire one as the bees love them and to be wildlife friendly is one of my main garden objectives.


I don’t actually know what this plant is, but it certainly makes an impact.  Wouldn’t work in my small space though.


Finally, the scent of this philadephus was amazing and is a definite must buy.  I already have a jasmine which is flowering beautifully, but I could squeeze this in somewhere higher up the garden so that the two plants don’t steal each other’s limelight.

I must go back to Ness in the spring and see what pops up in the way of bulbs!





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