Minster Lovell

Minster Lovell is impossibly pretty.  Cottages with hollyhocks on every corner.  A meandering river, The Windrush, runs through it.  The whole place is just achingly gorgeous.  This is your quintessential English village.



The village is home to the ruins of Minster Lovell Hall, a 15th century manor house and home to the tale of the Mistletoe Bride.  For those who don’t know the story: It is Christmas Eve and there is a wedding in the Lovell family. The bride, still wearing her bridal gown and mistletoe head dress, takes part in a game of hide and seek and crawls into a heavy chest, shutting the lid behind her.  No-one can find her and she doesn’t have the strength to open the lid, so slowly suffocates.  Many years later, the hall is being renovated and someone comes across the chest.  When they open it, they find a skeleton, tatters of wedding dress still intact.


The countryside around the village is beautiful and we walked a circular well marked five mile route along the river and through fields before retiring to our hotel at the Old Swan & Minster Mill.


Well worth a visit guys!





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