My Flower Journey With #Flowerstart

For anyone wondering why my Twitter and Instagram feeds are suddenly full of flowers, let me explain:
I was invited to take part in a four week online course with Julie Davies Flower Workshops and review it on my blog.   You might wonder how you can learn to arrange flowers via online tutorials, but time will tell, as they say, and you can follow my progress if you like, to see if I am improving.
You can read more about Julie’s workshops below, but for starters, let’s have a look at my week one effort.
Firstly we were asked to arrange a jug of flowers in our own way (scruffy and plonked in a vase in my case).  This is my first attempt with flowers from my own garden.  Please ignore the sultanas, we put them out for the blackbirds!
In this arrangement we have Japanese anemone, lavender, verbena bonariensis, sweet pea and climbing rose.
Next, we were given instructions on how to make an arrangement in a tank vase, which I did this afternoon.  I bought a bunch of eryngium from our local florist in Hoole, and added a few sprigs of lavender from the garden.  I didn’t have a tank vase but I found this in the Claire House Hospice shop for £4.  Comparing the two I can see a definite improvement already.
I’ve put it on the coffee table in the lounge for now, and anticipate that the house will be full of flowers by the end of the month.
If you fancy having a go yourself, have a read of Julie’s introduction…..

Are you too busy to commit to a regular flower arranging class?  If so, this 4-week online flower arranging class is for you.  Take the lessons in the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world, whenever you have some free time.  There’s no real time commitment.

Via three emails a week we’ll talk about finding the “happy” place for your flowers, whether flower food works, the visual value of your flowers and choosing flowers for different events. Each week will end with a practical task – using a mix of written instructions, photo tutorials and video. We’ll make a contemporary arrangement in a class vase, an arrangement in a vintage tea cup and saucer, an informal arrangement in a jug and a tied posy.

You can take the lessons at a time to suit you – join in week by week, or stagger them out to suit you. I’ll be on-hand throughout to give you support and feedback through a dedicated private Facebook group.

The tips and tricks you’ll pick up will give you ideas to wow your friends and family with for years to come!

About Me:

Julie Davies is The Florist. That Teaches. After many years in an office-based career, Julie retrained as a florist in 2004, but wasn’t happy with just providing displays for funerals and weddings.

Her real passion is teaching, watching her students bring flowers to life, and seeing their joy as the stresses and strains of everyday life melt away in the therapy of arranging flowers.

Julie teaches a variety of flower arranging classes, for women looking for an alternative book club or girls’ night in, to clients with mental health issues as a part of their therapy, and even pop-up workshops at beautiful locations in Kent.

She’s grown her flower arranging business from the kitchen table to deliver online flower arranging classes to kitchen tables all around the country.

Technology now means you can take your first steps on your flower adventure snuggled up on the sofa with your tablet, during your lunch break, or at the kitchen table after the children are in bed. I’ve been there. And I’m still here with you – taking in floral images on Pinterest and cutting out pages from my favourite magazines for inspiration.

My next paid 4-week online class starts on 26 September and is priced at £99.

46 thoughts on “My Flower Journey With #Flowerstart

  1. This is so cool. I did a flower arranaging course when I lived in the pacific island of tonga and the flowers were all very exotic. very fun!

  2. I’m so glad you’re enjoying your online flower arranging classes – I’m looking forward to seeing lots more photos popping up in my feed. It’s an arrangement in a tea cup and saucer this week, so you’ll need to track down some flower foam.

  3. 🌸I’ve Really do recememd the course. I’m currently a part of it and really enjoying seeing what every one else is doing. Having a go myself and Julie’s advice is wonderful. It’s so much fun and fits around you. My son is just 9 weeks old and as you can imagine finding me time is difficult but the course is very relaxed and you can fit it in when you can. Today me and Thomas in his pram went round the garden collecting flowers and greenery and it was surprising how lovely the display was we made. All influenced by the cource and it’s members. I can’t wait to do more and see what every one else is doing I inspired! 🌸

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