A Tea Cup Flower Arrangement

Last week I wrote about the flower arranging course I was doing with Julie Davies Flower Workshops.  Well, it’s time for week two homework: a tea cup arrangement.


I bought the tea cup and saucer for £2 in an antique shop in Chester and my first thought was to try and mirror the colours in the china.


I chose a yellow daisy, euonymus,  ivy and hebe foliage, all from the garden and set about following Julie’s online instructions on putting it all together.

First I cut the flower foam to size and soaked it, while I conditioned my flowers and foliage in a jug of water.


Next (and this is where it goes a bit wrong) I tried to arrange them artfully as directed by Julie.  Somehow I don’t think the balance is right, but practice makes perfect and Julie will give me feedback so that I can do better next time.


If you fancy a go yourself, Julie’s next online course starts on 26 September.



25 thoughts on “A Tea Cup Flower Arrangement

  1. I’m currently doing this course at the moment too, although its taking me quite some time because we’re moving house, so this part of the course is actually the next bit I’m meant to do. Can’t wait to be settled and get back into it!

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