Planning Evening Chic for Celebrity Cruises: Fifty Plus Style

We are going on a cruise with Celebrity next month and I have to pack two outfits that meet the criteria for ‘Evening Chic’.  In previous years I would have chosen a full length gown or something blingy, but as I’ve matured, although I still like a bit of sparkle, I favour a more toned down look.


For my first outfit I’m packing this Phase Eight sleeveless dress. I am wearing Wingz underneath to give the appearance that it has sleeves.  There are two reasons for this.  Firstly, at 55, my arms are not as firm as they used to be. Secondly, cruise ships are a bit chilly in the evenings and as pashminas seem a bit passé now, I need a cover up.  The Wingz were sent to me for the purpose of review and I think they look pretty good with this dress, so I’ll definitely be packing them.


Onto the shoes.  These are the Charlotte Olympias that I won last year and try as I might, I just can’t do anything but totter in them.  I look ridiculous. If anyone wants to make me an offer they are size four and have never been worn (apart from trying on!).   They won’t be making the edit that’s for sure, but I have some black spiky Carvelas that will work.


Next up is to figure out outfit number two!

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36 thoughts on “Planning Evening Chic for Celebrity Cruises: Fifty Plus Style

  1. Ah if only I had tiny feet. I was going to say, teeter on in those heels. I have shoes that I call from the car to the chair shoes – not much walking or standing. The dress is gorgeous on you – you have such a lovely figure Christine x

  2. As a man, my wife and others do pack along a pasha or such sweater for cool nights and cool Formal
    They always look good as an accessory and these days you can fasten around ones neck
    You look lovely regardless
    Enjoy that cruise

  3. Wow you look incredible – what an amazing figure you have. Such a pity the shoes are not comfy – They are definitely killer heels. I’d love to be able to fit into size 4 but even if I could I doubt I could walk in them!

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