A Plea To Be Treated Holistically

I’m struggling with a few things at the moment and don’t know how to sort it out.  I have a number of medical problems that are being treated individually, but they seem to contradict one another in terms of treatment and what I really need is for someone to sit down and look at the whole blimmin’ lot holistically rather than treating each thing in isolation.


If you read my blog you’ll know that I’m waiting on the results of the MRI/CT scan I had a couple of weeks ago for a suspected dissection to the carotid or vertebral artery.  I have a hospital appointment on Friday but I anticipate that this will deal with the one issue only. I’m guessing we will have a chat about stroke risk and how I can mitigate it.   What about all this other stuff though?

You also know about my heart attack, caused by SCAD.  Since this happened I’m left with premature atrial contractions which are irregular heart beats.  I’m told this is not serious or life threatening in most cases but I am prescribed a beta blocker for it.

Now the trouble with beta blockers is that they slow you down.  Not a bad thing you may say.  However, combined with my next problem, an underactive thyroid, then that makes me doubly slow.  If I have a few days of action, then I may spend the next couple of days in bed, good for nothing.

Well can’t you take levothyroxine for your thyroid? Well yes, but guess what, if I take the recommended dose I get more palpitations and I twitch incessantly at night.

So, if beta blockers make you slow and PACS are not dangerous, why take the beta blocker? Good question – I asked my GP to refer me to a SCAD specialist, which he duly did last November – nothing has happened.

I’m also told I have high cholesterol.  Must be down to diet you say.  Have you seen how much porridge I eat? Did you know that an underactive thyroid can raise your cholesterol? Would taking the correct dose of thyroxine sort it out? Who knows as I can’t tolerate it.

Why not take a statin then?  Great idea.  But don’t statins make your arteries more flexible?  Isn’t the reason I had a SCAD the result of over flexible arteries in my heart? Oh yeah! Back to the drawing board on that one then.

As you can see, I don’t know what to do.  If I put it in the hands of the professionals, which one’s advice do I follow, because I can assure you they all want to treat me with something different.

They want to fix whatever I have presented with and of course that makes sense, but I, you see, want to be treated as a whole person.  Who will look at all this stuff and make some sort of judgement call?

Who knows.   I don’t.




43 thoughts on “A Plea To Be Treated Holistically

  1. I like only to show I read your post and so wish I had answers to get off this runaway wheel
    My initial thought is a natural path physician as they are medically trained in order to practice but specialty in natural heal and foods and such
    In essence they would look at you from the whole body aspect
    A lot are women, least ones here
    Short of that does a clinic exist where multiple specialists work together and review the whole patient
    Not sure if this helps but all the best in your quests to wellness

  2. It may be worth seeing someone dealing with natural medicine, but as my condition is life threatening I do need help from the medical profession. Thanks for your support – seeing the head specialist tomorrow so fingers crossed!

  3. You’ve sure been through it and surviving which is good to see. I don’t think there’s any harm in seeing someone who deals in natural medicine, it may help – I’m all for natural, my friend was studying to do naturopathy and I went along to the introduction evening and it was so fascinating. Good luck tomorrow *positive vibes to you*

  4. Given your condition I agree that I would not consider a naturopath or nutritional therapist in these circumstances, but maybe consider an Anthroposophic Doctor. I am saying this as someone who is training to be a nutritional therapist. I think what may be right for you is someone who will understand natural alternatives and homeopathy and respect your wishes not to be medicated to the brim…but still is a real MD with real medical training and can deal with the serious multiple health issues you may face. I haven’t needed to do so yet, but when I next need a doctor this is the one I will be trying, just as a suggestion or starting place: http://www.londonintegratedhealth.co.uk/about_dr._gruenewald.php

    1. That was my point in our naturalpatth here must go to medical school. So you get a more overall view and of course they do not venture into specialties they have no in depth knowledge
      We also have clinics where a range practice together and discuss the patient as a whole case

  5. I’m sending you so many positive vibes right now! As someone who has doctors always wanting to pump her full of something I definitely feel where you are coming from, I definitely think wanting to search more down the natural route can’t do any harm xx

  6. Goodness – you have been through quite a bit. I have epilepsy and I found tweaks to my life actually helped me, not sure if that would work in your case but it can’t hurt. I cut out coffee, drank more water, took up meditation.

  7. Sorry to hear about all of your medical issues! I get so frustrated with doctors and the way everything is treated! Thankfully though you’re being treated which is a good thing! Hopefully you’ll feel more at peace about it all soon!

  8. Wishing you the best of luck with whatever healthcare route you choose. Sounds like you’ve had a hell of a time and it must be worrying too, which adds to the negative mindset. Try to remain positive xx

  9. It looks like you have had a bit of fun and games. I would consider go to see a medical herbalist or the like. We used to get patients like yourself frustrated with the Orthodox route all the time and there is so much you can do with natural medicine. Good luck x

  10. I hope your appointment went well Friday. I’ve noticed that I can search for doctors who have a holistic attitude. When I needed surgery for a bleeding liver (believed to be fatal by the emergency room doctor), after an accident too much to talk about here, I was fortunate to have a surgeon who listened to me talk about my desire to pray. We agreed to disagree, so to speak, agreeing that healing does happen although he attributes healing to physical causes and I attribute healing to spiritual causes. The surgeon didn’t rush me into the operating room but watched my vital signs closely, very closely, and saw that I was stabilizing so he held off on the surgery, until I didn’t need the surgery. We both were thankful for the healing.
    I’ve since met other doctors and surgeons who know how to find a balance between being a holistic human being and a prescribing physician.
    I had to learn how to articulate my feelings and thoughts though and speak with busy doctors. I empathize with your frustration, but if I can find a holistic physician, you can too. Your desire for holistic improvement is powerful and that’s what I read in your blog. It blesses us all.

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